1. -Our Philosophy

Our philosophy of cooperation and exchange means that the journey becomes a true learning experience. We encourage you to participate fully in all activities from reading the road map to taking part in the kitchen. We want you to help us plan the daily activities. This participation increases your confidence and helps to ensure that the trip meets your expectations. Your active participation in all aspects of the trip will lead to a great sense of accomplishment.

2. – Customer Service

South Summits recognizes that our customers are those who allow us to continue doing what we love, professionally. Therefore, your trip is important to us and we want to make sure that every aspect of your experience is a pleasant one. South Summits not only has contacts with experts in the regions where our customers are traveling, but we also have contacts in the rest of the country and are here to answer all your questions. Long before the journey begins, all aspects of the logistics for the trip have been checked, down to the smallest details, double checked and confirmed. Our specialists are well prepared to answer all your questions, and will take your suggestions and recommendations regarding the planning of the forthcoming trip into consideration because “the experience takes root in knowing the activities and regions to explore.”

3. -Experience

With more than 8 years of experience in adventure travel, we have climbed and traveled thousands of kilometers with countless satisfied customers. We have learned to make your trip very special.

4. – Guides of excellence

The guides of South Summits are experienced professionals and full certicated. They are carefully selected and scrupulously trained, providing a wealth of knowledge and skill for every trip. Our guides are fun and have a passion for nature.

5. –The Environment

As with people like us, who live close to nature, we are very proactive in minimizing our impact on nature by educating our staff and guests in the proper techniques for preserving the environment. With our Chilean roots we have always been aware of the need to “leave only footprints” and apply this philosophy in every adventure that we undertake. Be it a trek in the Atacama Desert or on Juan’s Fernandez Island or a mountain expedition, we are leaving the area cleaner than we found it. In addition to our high standards, we practice the concept of “leave no trace” as a principle of our politics to minimize our environmental impact.

6. -Destinations

We travel to the most important destinations in South America. We explored the beautiful mountains of Peru and Bolivia, and the totality of Chile. From the arid Atacama Desert down to the windy and magical Patagonia we have chosen the best places to go. You’ll find impressive landscapes, solitary desert, remote mountains of great altitude, rare flora and fauna, unusual landforms, exceptional routes, and fjords. You’ll encounter native cultures and follow the footsteps of ancient people and the first explorers. A trip with South Summits is an unusual and remarkable journey to escape from everyday life.

7. -Social Responsibility

It cannot be ignored that our trips have a permanent impact on the people whose lands we visit. However, much can be gained in the exchange of ideas and values, if we are respectful in our interactions, especially if we avoid the tendency to impose our Western values on our hosts. Most adventure companies try to increase their profits and reduce the costs of their trips by taking large groups – South Summits travels in small groups so that your adventure is more personalized and has less environmental and social impact.

The welfare of the people who work for us is extremely important, especially of those in the poorest regions in which the carriers or indigenous communities are often exploited by agencies that want to offer a low price. While recognizing that the price of our trips can be a little higher than some other operators because of this, we know that our customers appreciate and support this humanistic approach where a few extra dollars can be translated into a better quality of life for the local staff and their families who depend on us for their livelihood.

8. Safe-Travel

Your safety and comfort are extremely important to us. That is why we maintain the highest quality service possible, from the careful planning for a proper acclimatization to our concerns regarding the health standards in preparing and cooking the daily meals. Our guides are trained in dealing with emergency situations in adventure travel, educated in dealing with altitude sickness and are familiar with the political and cultural circumstances and customs in the region where the trip is realized.

9. Contacts

Our familiarity with the places that we visit, and our contacts established through a solid reputation give us the confidence that we have the full support of the local communities. Some of our expeditions, especially in the Atacama Desert, provide a vision of the ancient peoples of these worlds, as well as give you an incomparable mountaineering and adventure trekking experience.